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Children, what is the first thing that popped-up in your mind when you hear this word? Maybe you could picture a bunch of little souls playing in a park with big grins on their faces. Or, you might be thinking of any other stuff like children are the ones who have full potentials to become leaders, that’s why they have to get into school and be educated. Whatever it is in your mind, the main thing is how those things could be realized, isn’t it? Now the question is, who will bring it to reality?

Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) is defined as a non-profit, voluntary citizens’ group which is organized on a local, national, or international level. With 10 million population in Delhi, -which is a huge number- not all of the families are having a proper life where they can fulfill their basic needs, including giving the rights for their children to earn proper education. Many of the kids who live in New Delhi work as balloon sellers instead of going to school. There are also children in an area who don’t know how to brush their teeth, they never take a shower, and only having 2 or 3 pairs of clothings. Lakshyam, one of the NGO(s) in Delhi for Children, has been working to help the children to rise up from adversity, so that they could fight to eradicate poverty. As wise man once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon,” Lakshyam supplies the “weapon” which is education by giving books, building schools, and provide teachers to help the children to grow well, and to improve their ability.

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As an NGO in Delhi for Children, Lakshyam has promised and striving to do beyond so that these kids can have a brighter future. The cornerstone of why Lakshyam was established in the first place was because we care. A word caring means not only giving sympathy but do an action to help those in need. We act because we care. Now with 15 centrals all over India, we have proved that we participate to encourage children in India to dare dreaming. One saying says, “what you sow is what you’re gonna reap.” We sow the seeds of hope and optimism, and we believe we will reap something far than we could ever imagined. To see this kids gain success in the upcoming 10 or 20 years, is what Lakshyam always wishes for.

It’s never too late to do something, especially for children. Remember, you might not see the result at the moment, but kindly do it continually… and you will never ever regret of all the sweat, the tears, the energy, and the prayers that you have spent. It will be paid off! They will not only become heroes for themselves, but for all the voiceless people around the world.

“Children are full of surprises. Expect everything and they will make it happen.”

Delhi, 19th July 2016
Sharon Margriet
Lakshyam Volunteer from Indonesia

NGO for Children in Delhi

“There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven millions.”

It is very rightly said that children are the most precious gifts given to us by god and we need to care for them. The above quote describes that children don’t have any knowledge about the world but there eyes have millions of dreams. Many of these dreams are left incomplete as many kids due to their family conditions or their exploitation by the society are not able to have a blissful life. In our daily life we come across so many child related issues like child labor, child exploitation, abduction, child trafficking etc. which are increasing at a fast rate and deteriorating our country. The reason is most of the times the inability of the parents due their economic conditions. Most of these cases are generally found in the capital of our country i.e. Delhi where children are made to beg on the roads, do household works and even work in the factories leaving their childhood and education neglected.

Concerning the utmost urge to do something and for the amelioration of this condition of children, many NGO’s for children in Delhi have been established working and serving for the cause. These organizations work for many child related issues like for education, nutrition, health services, and for child rights etc. Some of these NGO’s are like ‘Save The Children’ working for equal rights and nutrition of children; ‘Smile foundation’ working for children health and education; ‘CRY’ working for child rights and many more. One of these NGO’s in Delhi for children is ‘Lakshyam’ working for the education of the underprivileged children whose families are not able to provide them education in the very renowned private schools by opening ‘Lakshyam School’ at various centers.


The Lakshyam NGO was started by Mrs. Rashi Anand, to improve the social structure of the society and help the kids to have a privileged future working through its child welfare programme ‘BUTTERFLY’ and ‘LAKSHYAM TOY LIBRARY’. In Delhi, there are 2 centers of the organization i.e. in Vasant Kunj and Ghaziabad. Many campaigns and workshops have been organized by the NGO for the welfare of the children and promoting child education in the country. Lakshyam is working very hard since its inception and have achieved many awards for its great work for the cause. The children are treated with love and care experiencing a secure school environment at the institution. Apart from studies, children are engrossed in various recreational activities like dance competitions, art and craft activities, field trips and excursions providing a joy while learning. The aim is not just to provide education to make the children literate but to cover all the aspects of their development which helps in making them earn a living which they dream for and become an efficient citizen of the country. The organization also works for women empowerment leading to their financial independence by them skilled by various activities held at the different centers.

Lakshyam has been an emerging name among the other organizations due to its sincere and true efforts in the sector and is working with the same spirit to exclude the word ‘underprivileged’ and transform our society into a new and brighter one.

Child Welfare Organizations in India – Building A Better Future For Children

With over 12 million child workers (on paper, possible there could be more than 60 million child workers) out of 440 million children, India is sadly the home to the largest number of child labourers in the world.

International Labour Organization defines ‘Child Labour’ as work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential and their dignity, and that is harmful to mental and physical development. It refers to work that:

  • Is mentally, physically, socially or morally dangerous and harmful to children; and
  • Interferes with their schooling by:
  • Depriving them of the opportunity to attend school;
  • Obliging them to leave school prematurely; or
  • Requiring them to attempt to combine school attendance with excessively long and heavy work.

Over 50% of children face some kind of sexual abuse in India.

Nearly 2 million children in India do not live till the age of 5.

79% of children below the age 3, have anaemia in India.

Lakshyam NGO : Hands to Hearts
Lakshyam NGO : Hands to Hearts

However, there are various child welfare organizations in India that are working very hard to pull them out of the extreme conditions and return their lost childhood. One such child welfare organization is Lakshyam, an NGO covering PAN India that works for building a safe, habitable world for the unfortunate lot of our society. Since its inception in 2004 till today, Lakshyam has touched well over 18,000 lives in 11 states and directly benefitted them. With over 4 projects working towards child welfare, women empowerment as well as slum development; it steers infallible schemes that would holistically benefit the poor.

Lakshyam currently runs two programs for child welfare, “Butterfly” and “Lakshyam Toy Library”.

Image Sources: Lakshyam Butterfly Child Welfare program

Lakshyam launched a Child welfare program named “Butterfly- Child Welfare and Education” that symbolizes freedom with the wings of a butterfly. The concept of ‘Butterfly’ is based upon imparting the two most crucial aspects of welfare, a holistic education and well-round development. With this objective, children at Lakshyam are taught Hindi, English, Math and Computer Sciences, in purview of methodically filling in the gaps in formal education. When a child who is not very well-versed with English or computer language suffers in government or private schools, Lakshyam’s remedial centre provides free of cost tutorials


The other child welfare program by Lakshyam is Lakshyam Toy Library. Lakshyam has always believed that money is not the only thing that builds a childhood; it is love too. Widely unnoticed, but children develop a strong and deep bond with their toys. In times of loneliness, it is toys that keep us company. Unfortunately, being poor in India is not only lack of money; it is lack of love too. To fill in this gap in their childhood, Lakshyam came up with a brilliant idea of a Toy Library.

Image sources: Lakshyam toy Library

Lakshyam set up its first toy library 8 years ago with thousands of toys collected from various schools across Delhi. Now, it has 16 of them throughout the country. Children can access these toys whenever, however they want. Lakshyam’s aim to fill in this void in their lives has been so far successful. With storybooks and toys, Lakshyam wishes for the children to have a normal life without any depravity.

What an NGO Working for Women Empowerment Does

Empowerment’ is a world of things squeezed into a simple word. Do you believe education is empowerment, or do you believe freedom of choice is, or is it the right to have clean water, or shelter? Empowerment, is all the above.

Lakshyam NGO working for Women Empowerment
Lakshyam NGO working for Women Empowerment

In this country, as much as in any, most social evils are inflicted on women and children. They are both easy targets. Since the beginning of time, women have been assessed to be the lower creatures. Not from a feminist point of view, but from a realist one. No one can contradict the fact that under the shadow of poverty all men and women are same. However, women have suffered a large share of a man’s pain as well. The domestic beatings, the sexual abuse, the work place discrimination, the sexism, they are all but a few example of the lengths of torture women have suffered. This article is not meant to be feministic. It is only meant to attract the reader’s attention towards why we need women empowerment, (contradicting a largely popular opinion of masses that ignores the plight of women), and wishes to highlight the main targets of organizations working to uplift them. Have a look.

Rooh-Women Welfare Program

What does an NGO working for women empowerment does? The answer is mentioned for you in various brief points:

  1. Identifies the core issue: It is true that societies around the world are swarming with issues. Nevertheless, what’s most important is finding out the one most critical. Any individual or organization working for social upheaval first identifies the most pressing issue. Let us say, in a small town, over population could be a critical problem.
  2. Suggests and implements a solution: Usually NGOs being financially not so strong, prefer to work on solutions is an economically efficient manner. One that is not capital intensive. Most social problems can be solved with imparting the right kind of knowledge and information.
  3. Unshackles social stereotypes: One of the foremost things to be done while working on a society is breaking social stereotypes. Evidently enough, every society around the world is surrounded by a kind of stereotype. The interesting thing about stereotypes is however, that they never die; they only evolve.
  4. Gives confidence and support to the women: Above everything, it is a necessity to empower the minds of the women by giving them support. The only way to make any person fight a fight is to give them hope. If one wishes to change a society, you have to make them believe that women can stand up for themselves against the traditions of thousands of years, and that they can emerge successful.
  5. Is consistent in work: A change does not happen overnight. Nor does stay forever after taking place. What’s important here is consistence and patience. The task of breaking thousand year old stereotypes takes a long time of effort. Moreover, the longer you work, the stronger the campaign becomes. Therefore, it is mandatory for a social worker to stick to their target for a little longer than just after they have achieved their goals.

Be it an NGO working for women empowerment or an individual, what matters is the wish to make a difference. If you haven’t started yet, do it today. Start anywhere, but make sure to make a difference.

NGO in India For Children Education

Lakshyam NGO : Hands to Hearts
Lakshyam NGO : Hands to Hearts

It has been more than half a century since India’s independence and 100 percent literacy rate is still a distant dream for our country where almost 35% of the population is still illiterate. On one hand where India is being called one of the worlds fastest growing economies it still lacks proper school facilities and efficient teaching staff across the government run schools across the country, which takes it far behind even the most underdeveloped nations of the world in terms of its social indicators.

So this is where the NGO’s in India for Children step in and take the necessary action to educate the underprivileged.  While most of the governments efforts to universalization of education goes in vain because of inefficiencies in its system and politics, the NGO’s help government achieve their goal since NGO’s only motive is community development where children and adults realize their full potential in a safe and a healthy environment.  They try to fill in for the inefficiencies of our system and bridge the gap between the underprivileged and the privileged sections of the society.

Since the last 2 decades or more the role of NGO’s and the dependency of the government and our country’s citizens on it for education has increased tremendously. NGO’s use many strategies such as public-private partnerships, teacher-training, family literacy, community involvement and developing funds for educational sector.

In rural areas especially, where women and girls are forced to give up even their most fundamental right like education due to various reasons such as lack of proper sanitation facilities at public schools, child marriage, family pressure and sexual exploitation by male teachers etcetera NGO’s protect their rights by providing a safe environment for both boys and girls to reach their full potential. Most of the NGO’s in India today provide education in the most remote villages and slums across the country.  They provide financial assistance to children who dropout because of lack of money and even provide free education at their own expense. To those children who don’t go to school because of inaccessibility, they reach out to these kids and teach them at their homes. Also a lot of NGO’s even assist in skill based higher education that can help unprivileged children become self- sufficient and not rely on others.

As Nelson Mandela very aptly said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” NGO’s in India have a crucial role to play in educating the children and thus developing the country.

Child Welfare Programs in India

Child Welfare NGO
Child Welfare NGO

“Child welfare” is a seemingly small word containing another universe of it’s own! When we talk about welfare, what do we mean? Do we mean education? Healthcare? Protection? Or do we mean giving the child a “normal” life as you and I have lived?

Development does not end at education, does not end at protection or healthcare. Development covers a loving environment for the child to grow up in, a pair of two to give the child care and support, a home and not an orphanage, it means clean water not mud, it means a toilet that’s not in a jungle, it means much more than you and I can think of.

Thousands of “Child Welfare” programs have been launched in India. Though lesser and lesser proved efficient. In every nook and corner of this country, every individual tries to do his bit, and so should you. The process of welfare, is simple really yet intricate. You start with the outlook, the dirt on the body, work towards the mind and finally, towards the emotional being.

Very few organizations have coherently understood the meaning of Child Welfare. Yet, some of the efficient ones such as Lakshyam NGO have done a stupendous job. Not only is the emotional, physical and mental growth is taken care of, it also targets the career path that the child chooses. For Lakshyam, actual welfare comes within a state when the child in independent in the broadest sense of the word.

Lakshyam informally adopts poverty stricken bastis (ghettos) and targets an all round welfare of the households. The children are enrolled in the remedial school and are taught three main subjects, which are Math, Computer Science and English. Additionally, Lakshyam endeavors to help children chose the right career path and enroll them under a professional tutor, which allow them flourish without any trace of depravity.

Child Welfare Organizations in India

Child welfare is a continuum of services designed to ensure that children are safe and that families have the necessary support to care for their children successfully. Child welfare organizations in India (Lakshyam Butterfly)serve a variety of purposes including adoption and foster care facilities, child abuse and neglect reports, family reunification etc. all of which ensure holistic growth and development of the children of the country, especially those belonging to vulnerable sections of the society.

Childerns Camp at Ranchi Center - Lakshyam NGO
Camp at Ranchi Center – Lakshyam NGO

Children constitute principle assets of any country.  Children’s development is very important for the overall development of society and the best way to develop national human resources is to take care of children.  India has the largest child population in the world.  All out efforts are being made by the Government for the development and welfare of children.   A number of organizations have been set up for this purpose. To name a few:

Organizations Serving Children in India

  • Indian Council of Social Welfare, Hyderabad
  • Delhi Council For Children Welfare, Delhi
  • O.S. Children’s Villages of India, New Delhi
  • Haryana State Council for Child Welfare
  • Bal Vikas Bhavan, Haryana
  • Holy Infant Mary’s Girls Home, Kerala

Such organizations fulfill the dream of building a brighter India by improving the conditions of the future of the country  – the children. All spheres are taken care of under most of these organizations to promote well being of children. They provide robust health and nutrition benefits to the children coming from the most marginalized communities. They work towards providing quality education and equal opportunities for all children in India. They strive towards working to make a difference in the lives of the most socially-excluded children by providing them protection against any form of violence, labor or abuse.

Why Should You Volunteer For an NGO?

Despite constant claims made by the economists and international organizations all over the world that India is truly on a recovery mode, we cannot simply ignore the hard head-hitting facts which do not portray India in a very positive state. A large portion of India’s population remains impoverished and in need of basic human necessities. 70% of the population still has limited access to housing and clean water. With an estimated 6 doctors for every 10,000 people, the people of India also continue to face severe public health problems on a daily basis — not to mention issues with women’s rights, education, and small business development.

Child NGO - Lakshyam NG Delhi
Image Credits: Lakshyam NGO

India’s GDP for the July-September period, grew at 7.4% – with a boost from manufacturing and financial services. But keeping in mind the stark realities that circumscribe the Nation’s goal from being a developing country to a developed one, we still have a long way to go. As the youth, who owe their existence to this country, it should be our prime motive to question our actions time to time and introspect and ask ourselves, that what have we given to this country? Are we doing our bit?
There are various ways to go about it and rather amazingly it can be found that beyond simply looking for ourselves and contributing to society can also help us achieve, self-happiness goals. Working with NGOs is one of the most feasible ways, which offer various volunteering programs in India to achieve the personal as well as social benefits.
How volunteering with NGO can actually help in achieving personal as well as social benefits?

1) Strategy making skills:-

In high schools and colleges, strategies were devised to achieve personal and professional goals. While working in an NGO , plans and ideas go much beyond and are even more widely discussed and appreciated. Targets aren’t set for few days or weeks but for months and years.

2) Better networking :-

It is always a treat to meet different people from different backgrounds and cultures, with the same thought process as ours while volunteering. It is important to let the comfort zone stretch and expand . In future, same people may become best buddies, mentors , people worth the time and energy spent on them.

3) Moral education :-

While helping the underprivileged, we are often reminded of the fact that the struggle is of the whole nation and that we should never stop supporting each other. A sense of perspective is gained, which helps in observing the impact of small things in the long run.

4) Leadership :-

Volunteering and planning strategies on a day to day basis help in improving personal growth and enhancing leadership skills. NGOs give a huge opportunity to increase the synergy of brainstorming which further helps in achieving long term personal benefit.

5) Happiness and self satisfaction :-

Becoming a volunteer with an NGO, gives the required boost to add something positive , in the lives of others .It gives meaning to us being here beyond simply looking after ourselves. It changes the life from being purely self-centered to being something with meaning for others, too.


One of the most unique takeaways from NGOs, is that volunteering with them adds as a great experience as well as an extremely beneficial CV booster too. There is a win-win situation, whether we plan to go for further studies or straight away want to apply for a corporate job.
There are various volunteering programs in India, offered by various reputed NGOs. One of the best NGOs in this league is Lakshyam, an NGO based in Delhi, whose purpose of existence is to enhance the lives of underprivileged children and women, and to offer a positive direction and a healthier approach towards life. The NGO has incorporated various unique and out of the box projects, like Toy Library, Butterfly and ‘Rooh’- awakening women’s soul and has left no stone unturned to convert its vision of a prosperous nation into a reality.
Therefore keeping the above mentioned points in mind, working as a volunteer in a reputed NGO, like the one mentioned above is the best kickstart which a student can give to his/her career. All those who have been given so much in life should experience the joy of giving and sharing as well.

NGO in Delhi for Children

lakshyam ngo for childrens
Lakshyam NGO

Children are the future of a country. To ensure that every child in the country gets access to proper education, healthy lifestyle and good values, several NGOs especially in Delhi have come into the picture. They have taken up the responsibility to nurture and shape the future of the underprivileged and vulnerable children and hold their hands in times of need.

The route or method might differ from one NGO to the other, but the ideologies and objective remain the same. It is to work selflessly and sincerely to help improve the condition of the children and also inspire others to do the same.

NGOs like Lakshyam, CRY, Uday and Smile foundation and many more have set out to make this vision possible not only in Delhi but also in other branches in India to take up as many children as possible. The different training programmes adopted by these NGOs provide layers of exposure to the children and prepare them for the future endeavors. Be it life skills or general knowledge, there are constant efforts being made to uplift the mental horizons of the children. When the vision is clear, then only can the children think of breaking free from the shackles of their present and work to create a better tomorrow.

These NGO in Delhi for Children have covered lakhs of children under them and changed the lives of so many of them. The international recognition received by them is a testament to the scale at which the NGOs reach out.

It is only with the efforts of each and every one who is involved in the cause that has helped make this project a success. If everyone tries to contribute in any way in their locality than we can expect a change in the years to come.

Lakshyam:Embarked Upon a Social Revolution

Established in 2004, Lakshyam is a social enterprise that uplifts children and women of at-risk communities through education, employment and resource mobilization.
‘Lakshyam Toy Library’ is one of the main programs of Lakshyam that distributes toys and books from the privileged children to the not-so-privileged ones. Toy Boxes are set up in several private schools in Delhi and each child donates a toy and/or book that are then delivered to the 13 tie-up Centers/NGOs across 11 states. Lakshyam Toy Library Centers have been opened in the rural districts of states like Delhi, Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Schools like Mother’s International School, Delhi Public School and Laxman Public School have carried out the collection drives of toys & books at their respective campuses.

Workshop_on_Health_and_Nutrition_AwarenessButterfly: Child Welfare and Education’ program has been designed, keeping in view the two integral building blocks of a healthy child, Development & Participation. The Remedial Education Center based at the Basti (slum) adopted by Lakshyam, JJ Basti in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi provides an education encompassing textual knowledge and personality development. The children have attended various workshops at venues like Oxford Bookstore, given dance performances at venues like Kingdom of Dreams and at colleges like Kamala Nehru College and DCAC. They recently visited RashtrapatiBhawan on the 14th of November ’14 and met the Hon’ble President of India as well.

The third main program of Lakshyam, ‘Rooh: Awakening Women’s Soul’ focuses on creating an environment conducive for women from the not-so-privileged communities. Theprogram imparts skill-building training and teaches the art of sewing, cutting, stitching and embroidery to women, thus creating opportunities for income enhancement. Focus is also on issues affecting the lives of women, like health & hygiene education, basic civic sense etc.Lakshyam’s product line of handmade products that are crafted and created by the women and adolescents are put up on various online portals, exhibitions and stalls at reputed venues like Bora Bora, Maruti Suzuki Fest and Jamia University Fest among others.

Besides the three main programs of Lakshyam, various health camps and community developmentactivitiesare carried out, in order to bring about long-lasting improvements in the compromised communities undertaken by Lakshyam, in urban and rural environments. Our next coming program is a two-fold initiative of recycling waste paper and producing free of cost notebooks for promoting education.

All the programs are supported by various corporates, colleges and schools along with several local and international volunteers & interns that make for an all-round team. The supporters from various walks of life have been contributing to the social revolution that Lakshyam has embarked upon with great fervour.

If you want to join in too, log on to http://www.lakshyam.co.in orwrite to us at support@lakshyam.co.in