What an NGO Working for Women Empowerment Does

Empowerment’ is a world of things squeezed into a simple word. Do you believe education is empowerment, or do you believe freedom of choice is, or is it the right to have clean water, or shelter? Empowerment, is all the above.

Lakshyam NGO working for Women Empowerment
Lakshyam NGO working for Women Empowerment

In this country, as much as in any, most social evils are inflicted on women and children. They are both easy targets. Since the beginning of time, women have been assessed to be the lower creatures. Not from a feminist point of view, but from a realist one. No one can contradict the fact that under the shadow of poverty all men and women are same. However, women have suffered a large share of a man’s pain as well. The domestic beatings, the sexual abuse, the work place discrimination, the sexism, they are all but a few example of the lengths of torture women have suffered. This article is not meant to be feministic. It is only meant to attract the reader’s attention towards why we need women empowerment, (contradicting a largely popular opinion of masses that ignores the plight of women), and wishes to highlight the main targets of organizations working to uplift them. Have a look.

Rooh-Women Welfare Program

What does an NGO working for women empowerment does? The answer is mentioned for you in various brief points:

  1. Identifies the core issue: It is true that societies around the world are swarming with issues. Nevertheless, what’s most important is finding out the one most critical. Any individual or organization working for social upheaval first identifies the most pressing issue. Let us say, in a small town, over population could be a critical problem.
  2. Suggests and implements a solution: Usually NGOs being financially not so strong, prefer to work on solutions is an economically efficient manner. One that is not capital intensive. Most social problems can be solved with imparting the right kind of knowledge and information.
  3. Unshackles social stereotypes: One of the foremost things to be done while working on a society is breaking social stereotypes. Evidently enough, every society around the world is surrounded by a kind of stereotype. The interesting thing about stereotypes is however, that they never die; they only evolve.
  4. Gives confidence and support to the women: Above everything, it is a necessity to empower the minds of the women by giving them support. The only way to make any person fight a fight is to give them hope. If one wishes to change a society, you have to make them believe that women can stand up for themselves against the traditions of thousands of years, and that they can emerge successful.
  5. Is consistent in work: A change does not happen overnight. Nor does stay forever after taking place. What’s important here is consistence and patience. The task of breaking thousand year old stereotypes takes a long time of effort. Moreover, the longer you work, the stronger the campaign becomes. Therefore, it is mandatory for a social worker to stick to their target for a little longer than just after they have achieved their goals.

Be it an NGO working for women empowerment or an individual, what matters is the wish to make a difference. If you haven’t started yet, do it today. Start anywhere, but make sure to make a difference.

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