Women’s development in India

Indian land is associated as being a mother to the country however; the atrocities which Indian women face are extremely unacceptable. As soon as a female is born, her journey of leading a difficult life begins. She is exposed to female foeticide and if she is lucky to survive that, she faces discrimination due to gender. She is deprived of education because she is a female and forced to get involved in household chores because according to the Indian society that is what females are meant for.

However, times are changing and people are indulging in welfare of women. Many organisations have come forward to take this responsibility. Such organisations usually cover one or more of the following objectives.


  • Rescue women and children from unsafe or violent environments and rehabilitate them at a safe temporary or permanent shelter.
  • Provide vulnerable women with financial support or vocational training and help them become financially and socially self-reliant.
  • Provide legal advice to help victims of sexual or physical violence understand her rights and initiate the judicial process to attain justice.
  • Provide counselling and psychological rehabilitation.

There are various organizations:

  1. Azad foundation: It focuses on women who continue in abusive relationships because of financial dependence on the male counterpart.
  2. Bharatiya Grameen Mahila Sangh: Their goal is welfare of women and children. They form self-help groups for women empowerment.
  3. International Center for Research on Women:  ICRW carries out research that identifies barriers to economic and social stability of women and designs evidence-based plans for program designers, donors and policymakers that empower women.
  4. Commit2Change: This organization combats the high drop-out rates of girls and provides education to them.
  5. WASH United: WASH United seeks to educate Indian communities about menstruation, hoping to lessen the negative effects of the taboo surrounding periods, and help women and girls to have safe, hygienic periods.
  6. Women on Wings: This not for profit organization focuses on creating sources of income for women in India.



Apart from the above mentioned, there are various organisations working towards women welfare.

Lakshyam is one organization that focuses on women welfare and has a program called Roof. Lakshyam’s program ‘Rooh- Awakening Womens’ Soul’, meaning the spirit, is a strategically developed, three-tier project that aims at strengthening a woman’s demeanor towards life itself.

They undertake three steps. They are:

  1. Provide remedial education to children;
  2. Provide an essential degree of exposure along with professional training,
  3. Equip girls with a popular platform to sell their skill.

A part of this program by Lakshyam is to organize workshops for women that enable them to self-generate employment due to their easily marketable skills. These workshops are conducted by renowned professionals of the country.

Another initiative under this program is creating health awareness. Campaigns for women are organized ranging from the importance of iodine in salt to spreading awareness about causes of Breast Cancer.

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