The Best Women’s Organizations in India for Woman and Child Development

India has a population of 1.2 billion of which 48.5% is constituted by females. This means that almost half of India’s population is composed of female members. The government do have rights assigned separately for women in many regards such as citizenship, access to education, equal employment opportunities. But the reality is radically different.

Despite technically having constitutional rights which aims to safeguard the and empower women in the society, women in India face violence in injustice and are victims of rape, domestic violence, forced labor, marital rape, denial of educational and employment opportunities even in the 21 century. Being a girl in the male dominating society means struggling for what you should be entitled to get.

Lakshyam-Women and child development

India being the second largest populated country of the world having diverse cultural groups. It is difficult to generalize and separate population into various groups. However, empowering women is vital for the growth and development of the nation. A nation is only developed only when women of the nation is developed and nurtured well through education, employment and healthy living practices. Today, women need advocates and allies across the country that will fight for them for not only their safety and health but also to gain access to further educational opportunities and to build their confidence for empowerment and autonomy.

There are several NGO’s which are working exclusively for women rights to give them opportunities and justice. Some of the best women’s organizations are Safety, CREA, CARE, Swayam and Snehalaya.

One such NGO which is continuously working to lift the status of women in the society is LAKSHYAM.

Lakshyam has a specially designed program called ROOH-Awakening Womens’ Soul’, meaning the spirit is a strategically developed, three-tier project that aims at strengthening a woman’s status towards life itself. It starts from providing remedial education to children; second is to provide an essential degree of exposure along with professional training, and third is equipping girls with a popular platform to learn and sell their skill.

Besides this, the program also provides opportunities and a by organizing various workshops based on easily marketable skills that enable poor women to generate employment for themselves.

Health Related Workshops

A Breastfeeding Awareness Session is conducted for the community women almost every two months, according to the needs of a particular area. The community women learn about WHO and UNICEF recommendations for feeding an infant or a young child in a healthy manner.

Through these sessions and workshops Lakshyam bridges the gap between knowledge and personal well being.

Impact of Initiatives of Lakshyam

Lakshyam’s struggle and programs have so far got a positive change in the lives of the women and families. Thousands of women have been able to support their families. Awareness is been created among the women regarding health measures, policies, educational opportunities for them to live a better and a dignified life. Lakshyam has made a conscious effort to liberate women from social injustice in many parts of the country and Lakshyam devote time to grow woman and child development.

We have centers another center in Ghaziabad and Vasant Kunj areas in Delhi where Lakshyam has effectively made foreseeable changes in the community and is continuously making an effort to build a dignified living standard. We also have centers in Jharkhand where 120 women have received training in stitching and sewing in Nagri Village. And 80 women have received training in jewelry making and stitching in Mahilong Village District.

The aim of this ROOH Program of Lakshyam is to empower women of all age groups, by providing basic resources and enhancing their skills which will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle and lead a better living for them.

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