Best NGOs in Delhi for Volunteer Programs

Believe it or not, life is much more beautiful when you go beyond the pubs and luxuries that you seek; much more satisfying when you walk in among the tiny tots screeching their little stories which they confide in you heartily. Watch the boy flaunting his new vocabularies, the shy girl in the corner of the room smile when her homework is appreciated, or the twenty something year old woman, married off at the age of fourteen, take pride in her hand woven shawl. These few things are deemed as ‘priceless moments’. And you will discover a whole new side to yourself, one who longs and works his/her best to see a child take pride in its skills for the first time, or a seventy year old once again having faith that life can be meaningful. But you’re already enamored by these little drops of happiness and that is why you are here, aren’t you? Staying in Delhi, you have always known how poverty has swept into the nooks and corners of the city; and how for even once you have wanted to lend them a helping hand. So the university students searching for NGOs to quench their thirst of contributing to the society, the interview hoppers wanting to make their CV better and for someone with no ambition but wanting to kick start an experience, any experience; here’s a list of some of the best NGOs you can volunteer programs in India

1.Lakshyam: It obviously gets on your nerves when the same little kid tags you along the street asking for money and food. You have offered him once or twice but then he has set this gesture of yours as his daily routine. And how about the woman sitting by the roadside trying to sell off her shaggy vegetables with a kid playing aside? The woman won’t get back the childhood she has lost, but she can always work in ways which will empower her skills that she had put behind a long time back, and give her child a better hood.

Lakshyam has been campaigning since 2004. It aims to build a secure and clean world for the underprivileged; providing them with education, basic needs ranging from clothes and foods to beddings and toys, health care programs and many more. It targets the slum areas of many states across India and provide them with a stable, healthy environment. It has three major programs among many others, namely, Lakshyam: Toy Library, Lakshyam’s Butterfly Program and Lakshyam Rooh.

Lakshyam’s Toy Library aims at distributing toys and books to the underprivileged children donated by the ones who have it in abundance. Till now, Lakshyam has distributed over 2,00,000 toys and books across the country.

Lakshyam’s butterfly program provides remedial education centers for students, in order to fill the gap in the government education system.

Lakshyam’s Rooh program tirelessly strives to educate the women of India and empower them to have confidence in themselves and step up the stone of strength and success.

Volunteering Programs:

  • Media and communications
  • Administrative work and business development
  • Academics
  • Indoor and outdoor sports
  • Performing arts
  • Data management and research
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Building and construction
  • Co-curricular activities

All in all, these are three of the best NGOs in Delhi, with several designations to volunteer as.  Among all the volunteering programs in India, these three NGOs provide some of the best opportunities. Nontheless, any NGO that you work for, all the volunteering programs in India, they will all please you with a satisfaction of working for yourself and others. So gear up and quench your thirst of contributing towards a better India. There are opportunities like these which will serve you pleasure and benefit the other.

2.Greenpeace India: Greenpeace India has been campaigning since 2001 on environmental and people centric issues. Climate change, saving forests, safe food and decentralized renewable energy are a few among the other key campaigns of Greenpeace India. It aims at making the world a place where energy is as clean as a mountain stream, where everyone has security, dignity and joy, where power is used to fight poverty and injustice, instead of people. Greenpeace uses nonviolent, creative action to pave the way towards a greener, more peaceful world and to confront the systems that threaten the environment.

Volunteering programs:

  • Content/Blog Writers, Video making
  • Door to door campaign
  • Online volunteering (social media)
  • Online door-to-door (sign a petition)
  • Start a campaign; hold a public meeting

3. Unnati: Unnati aims to provide vocational training to the underprivileged youth. It was established in the year 2003.  It has trained and employed thousands of youths across India and has lived up to its expectation of 100% employment in every batch. It strategies, collaborative research, public education, advocacy, direct field level mobilization and implementation with multiple stakeholders are the key instruments of our work. The interventions span from the grassroots level to the policy level environment in ensuring the basic rights of citizens. Presently, all the activities are organized around the following program centers:

  • Social inclusion and empowerment
  • Civic leadership, governance and social accountability
  • Social determinants of disaster risk reduction

Volunteering programs:

  • Teach Values, Honesty, Punctuality, Justice, etc.
  • Teach English
  • Teach about retail industry
  • Teach life skills

Being a part of someone else’s victory is one of the most humbling and purified experiences in a world of constant cynicism and self doubt, now that’s what volunteering at an NGO will bring to you – peace and humility.

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