NGO in India for Children Education

In India about 31 million children live without their parental care and with no education, these children who has been separated by their family temporarily or permanently need to take care with full protection. India is a developing country where education is the vital reason on developing in every field but seeing the present scenario where children are not getting education facility and proper care.

The statement “Children are the future of the Nation” fails here because less than half of India’s children between the age 6 to 14 go to school and 53% of girls at the age group between 5 to 11 are illiterate. In New Delhi, the capital of India one in every three child labourers in the age group of 7-14 is illiterate, said a study based on census data and close to 1.4 million child labourers in India in the age group of 7-14 years cannot write their names. To solve this problem ‘Lakshyam’ is working to provide education for their development.

The best NGO for helping children

An NGO in Delhi for children providing a specific direction for children towards education and consult for future direction. Lakshyam give children a conducive environment which provides them freedom to foster creativity and curiosity. They treat children with quality of education and guidance. NGO in India for children education is must as to care for those who can’t pay for their education and essential needs. Lakshyam has certain programs by which they entertain children in their requirement basis.

Lakshyam also organise campaign’s to distributes warm clothes for people who don’t have warm clothes to wear in this heavy winter. They help children to what they want to become in their future, Lakshyam recently helped a girl named Kali who wants to become police inspector as her parents didn’t support her, Lakshyam provided her education facility by providing admission in school to achieve her goal. Lakshyam has been popularly named as the best NGO for helping children toward educating them and helping in all prospective as we can. Lakshyam gives the base to the children who don’t have, from there it’s individual capability to convert that opportunity into bigger platform. Lakshyam pledged to right these wrongs and guarantee that the human privileges of these children are never again damaged. Fundamental Education is the human right of each person as set down in the International Human Rights Law by the United Nations. Butterfly-Child Welfare and Education program was set up to give far reaching help to ruined kids through a learning program concentrating on textual and handy information and identity advancement.

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