Volunteer programs/organizations in India

Despite many development efforts made by the Indian government in recent decades, the social imbalance is increasing immeasurably and the Indian economy is struggling to solve the many socio-economic problems related to its demography. The people are struggling to access to equal rights and living conditions and the orphanages fill up. Many associations and organizations participate in humanitarian action with the means at their disposal. Whether in donations of medical equipment or in funding for humanitarian projects, international and local institutions accompany and initiate humanitarian missions in economically weak areas, orphanages and areas of tension within the country.


It is in this sense, and to address the needs of the poorest, on a daily basis, that volunteering initiatives have, over the years, tremendously diversified. With programs as varied as the personal development and schooling of children, the care of young people in difficulty, the rehabilitation of handicapped persons, the empowerment of women and their independency, the preservation of human rights, the access to healthcare, infrastructures etc.; the opportunities to aid the deprived are numerous. While you’re in India, connecting with a volunteering organization and making a contribution towards the betterment of society turns out to be an enlightening experience. The best way of choosing such an organisation is when it can specifically benefit from your abilities and skills while providing you with an enriching experience.

While volunteering opportunities and non-governmental organizations multiply across the Indian subcontinent, NGO Lakshyam aims to give a deep and complete experiences to those willing to give assistance to the underprivileged. Founded in 2012, Lakshyam contributes towards betterment of the society with a focus on child education, holistic child development and women empowerment. The association shares a common dream – a world where every child is showered with love and is given opportunities for a brighter future; a world where no child’s innocence is marred by the horrors of child labour, and a world where women’s well-being is paid attention to and empowerment representing the way to sustain themselves and their families.

In the light of the organization’s values, the proposed volunteering missions seek to give a responsible and useful field of action to the candidates. Spread across 5 locations in India and impacting 16 states, Lakshyam actively operates on a national scale and its projects extensively address the humanitarian condition that benefits the communities in need. Through its centres based in the middle of the rural and economically weak areas, the organization offers a wide range of tasks from which the volunteers can chose to work on during their involvement. The real-life experience and interaction with the people play a major role for the volunteers and the community as it is the key for a mutually beneficial experience.

In this way, the volunteering missions mostly emphasize on fostering the children’s and women’s self-development as well as their educational skills. From comprehensive learning methods through languages, maths and computer operations, to physical activities such as sports and leisure activities, the young people integrate basic but necessary knowledge while developing a feeling of responsibility. Living in a society requires basic social and personal skills which Lakshyam tries to confer to those who need it the most. Artistic workshops and manual skills are also being provided as the enhancement of creativity broadens the children’s patterns of thinking and thus, their potential. Moreover, volunteers in Lakshyam are given the opportunity to contribute to the internal and external development of the organization through media & communications, business model development or even the data and research field. Finally, in order to improve the communities’ conditions and the social benefits of this humanitarian association, volunteers may be active in the frame of the social entrepreneurship field where every innovation is supported and accompanied.

It is by daring to leave our comfort zone that we make the most memorable experiences of our life. Why not you?

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