Entrepreneur is someone who takes risk and creates something new. In current generation everyone want to be entrepreneur, want to start business. As there is an increase in social problems such as violence against women, poverty, climate change, education disparity and more, social entrepreneur is the need of the hour.

Social entrepreneurship is important because it provides a framework for business to find their own success in the pursuit of helping others. There is great deal of interest in social enterprise today because this approach offers a new and possibly more sustainable path for us to address the world’s most pressing challenges.

Rashi Anand

Importance of social entrepreneur

Employment development: it provides employment opportunities and job training to segment of society which are underprivileged. They many focus on disabled, homeless, gender-discriminated women.

Innovation/new goods and services: social enterprises develop and apply the innovative ideas for the betterment of the society. An example showing that a use based student had find a solution to get details regarding diabetes such as glucose level from eyes. In current scenario large amount of people die due to diabetes. They don’t get regular checkup at the early stage of diabetes because they have to spend a large amount of money. Now even we use the strips to detect the glucose level but it is very costly for a common people. To reduce this problem, a student form use develop an app which can detect glucose level form our eye sight by just clicking from the phone camera. In this way it gets less costly for people.

Social entrepreneur- a new generation vision to develop the society

Currently every college has a society called enacts. Their aim is to create a better, more sustainable world. Their focus on uplifting the standard of backward and ignored sections of society with the help of entrepreneurial actions.

Why social entrepreneur?

Just as business entrepreneurs change the face of business, social entrepreneurs act as the change agents for society, inventing new approaches and creating solutions to change society for the better.

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