Young Social Entrepreneurs In India, Top Social Entrepreneurs In India

An entrepreneur is a person with an innovative idea, capacity to build a business, and manage to bear in mind the risk factors in order to make a profit. Simply, an entrepreneur is not someone with just a vision or idea but implementing those ideas into practical reality. When the term social and entrepreneur comes to both blends to identify and solve the social problems. Thus, identifying society’s problems. Social entrepreneurship is an organization which uses methods of corporate business into solving social problems with a unique and unconventional approach. In the present world, social entrepreneurship has come forward to change the lives of many individuals. They are active in fields of education, health, sanitation among other areas.

A number of Young Social Entrepreneurs in India have come up with an aim to save the lives of under-privileged strata of society and to provide those population which inadequate resources. One such name in the field of social entrepreneurship making significant changes is of Rashi Anand. She has made a notable influence in the field since her young age. A young Rashi after completing her higher education followed to the metropolitan city of Delhi to study Bachelors in History (Hons) from Delhi University. Originally, belonging from Ranchi, Jharkhand. A bright young girl Rashi Anand started working with various organization in order to make a difference and contribute towards society. She was always inclined towards working for street children in order to uplift them provide them with basic education and especially bestowed them with toys. Originally, NGO Lakshyam was started by Poonam Anand in 2005, mother of Rashi Anand and an active social worker from Ranchi, Jharkhand. Rashi had the vision, aim, and objective in mind in association with her mother in 2012 she started her own NGO Lakshyam.

Rashi Anand

Literally transforming the word Lakshyam means ‘Aim’, thereby signifying the goals of lakshyam which was founded with the aim to empower women and underprivileged children. The NGO basically works to provide basic education to street children and to provide those disadvantaged and less fortunate ones with a platform to develop and shine brighter. The ideology behind starting lakshyam was simple to shower each child with love, to sustain their childhood innocence, to empower each woman out there. Rashi realized the capabilities of these street children and sought to support them both financially and morally.

Today, lakshyam has a presence across Indian states like Jharkhand, Delhi, Bangalore, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Uttarakhand, also caters the needs of more than thirty thousand lives which have been given a positive direction, and there is active of toy libraries running across nineteen Indian states. Successful and prosperous programs like Lakshyam Butterfly – Child Welfare Program, Lakshyam Rooh – Awakening Women’s Soul, Project Arogya – Healthcare For All. Lakshyam successfully runs 2 centers one in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, and Vasant Kunj, both these centers host more than two hundred children providing them with education, teaching them subjects like Hindi, Maths, Drawing, General Knowledge, English under its Butterfly program. Apart from academic teaching, a number of other activities, events, and workshops are conducted at the centers. Women under its Rooh program are provided with financial support where they are given a platform to work, and skills training programs are held. Under the Arogya program wherein generic medicines are efficiently provided across many villages of Delhi- NCR.

In a country like ours, people have little to no awareness, child rights are exploited, the massive number of population is still living under poverty. Under such circumstances, Rashi, surely transformed her dream, vision into a positive direction making impacts on the lives of many. Further, she wishes to see every child enjoying their childhood, playing

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