Women Entrepreneurs in India

An entrepreneur is somebody who exercises by sorting out a dare to accept advantage of an open door and, as the chief, chooses what, how, and the amount of a decent or administration will be created. An entrepreneur supplies chance capital as a daring individual, and screens and controls the business exercises. The business person is normally a sole owner, an accomplice, or the person who claims most of offers in a consolidated endeavor.


Women entrepreneur in India are on an individual level, a few ladies have solid enterprising aspirations in India on an institutional level, the legislature has propelled a few plans to increase the enterprising inspirations of women and there is progressively perceptible political will to enable them. Be that as it may, looking past high individual and political desires and examining the measurements of what number of ladies really possess organizations shows a somewhat calming equalization. The low paces of ladies business enterprise are reflected in a troubling score in the Index of Women Entrepreneurs, where India is positioned 52nd out of the 57 overviewed nations. The way that couple of women possess organizations is a piece of a bigger wonder of feeble commitment of ladies in business. This further identifies with a low female work power investment rate just as ladies having less chances to become business pioneers, experts and specialized workers. Indeed, notwithstanding high financial development rates just as an expansion in the extent of working-age ladies in the populace, the support in the work power has diminished from 35 percent in 2005 to only 26 percent in 2018. According to a World Bank Enterprise Survey, the level of ladies in administration positions in 2014 was as low as nine percent.

Ms. Raashi Anand is the founder of Lakshyam and she is social entrepreneur who works for the betterment of the society especially for the women and children. Lakshyam was established in the year 2012 by a youthful social entrepreneur who further united to gather groups together which have come forward to contribute towards improvement of the general public with an emphasis on kid instruction and providing employment to poor women. Under its flagship Lakshyam has three successful projects ongoing i.e. Lakshyam Butterfly – Child Education and Welfare which caters to the needs of the children, their education and holistic development. Lakshyam Rooh – Awakening Women Soul is a women centric program which works to uplift women by giving them skill and financial literacy program workshop which in turn gives them a sense of freedom. Lakshyam Toy Library, lakshyam believes that every child has a right to lay with toys, with this motive in mind Lakshyam operates across numerous Indian States and has come forward to establish Toy Libraries.

Hence there are many successful women entrepreneur in India who are doing better in the society. Basically solving the big issues out there in the society. Surely, we women can dream and work to make those dreams turn into reality. But Raashi has not only made her dream come true but that of those hundreds and thousand of women and children who are everyday been benefitted and are living a better life.

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