Social Entrepreneurship in India

In the era of 21st century, the term entrepreneurship is growing widely. Lots of young and talented people are coming forward with great innovative ideas to change the world by different means like innovations in technology, politics, etc. In general terms, it means starting a new business with a motive to earn a profit. But when entrepreneurship is prefixed by the word ‘social’, the motive to earn profit eliminates. Social entrepreneurship can be defined as an approach to work for the social issue. The person who find ideas to curb these social issues from the world and works for it is known as a social entrepreneur.


In India, children and women are considered as the weaker part of society and are dominated by the world. But the world ignores the fact that they are the most crucial part and plays an important role in society. So, Raashi Anand founder of Lakshyam NGO, a social entrepreneur or you to say as a change maker, identified the problem and showed the courage to fight towards the rights of the unprivileged children and for women empowerment.

In 2012, Raashi Anand founded Lakshyam NGO to transform the lives of unprivileged poor women and children via means of education, training, and guidance. The objective of Lakshyam is to put at least 500 street children, dropouts to the formal schooling system by 2020 and to increase the income by ₹5000 of at least 200 women.

To turn the idea into action Rashi introduced 3 different programs, firstly ‘BUTTERFLY – CHILD WELFARE AND EDUCATION’, which aims to provide holistic education to unprivileged children of the community. Under this program, it also provides special attention to the children by teaching them about personality development, personal grooming and also guides them about how to live a healthy lifestyle which includes cleanliness, hygiene, discipline, and other positive habits. As a result, it has successfully benefited around 620 children at Lakshyam’s Remedial Education Centre in New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Madhya Pradesh.

Secondly, ‘LAKSHYAM TOY LIBRARY’, this program aims to bring back the real childhood of the kids. Unprivileged children can’t afford to play with toys, which destroys their creativity and childhood fun. So, to overcome this challenge Lakshyam has set up 46 toy libraries in over 17 states, and collected around 80,000+ toys and books, and made a way for the growth and development of these children by restoring the means of their imagination and creativity.

Thirdly, ‘ROOH- AWAKENING WOMEN’S SOUL’, this program focuses on the upliftment and empowerment of the unprivileged women. As women community has always been suppressed by the dominating, Rashi made this program to put an end to this. It aims to employ women through remedial education, professional training, providing platforms. This program helps poor women to become self-dependent by developing their skills.

Lakshyam NGO is a message from the social changemaker, Raashi Anand to change the world by humanity, empathy, and kindness to fight for the inequality, injustice, for the poor and the needy by a peaceful way of social entrepreneurship.

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