By the term “child welfare” we refer to the social work that has been done in order to uplift the quality of life of children. In a country like India where population grew at the rate of 1.2% between 2010 -2019 to 1.36% billion, which means that 40%of the country’s population comprises of children, for them government has launched numerous welfare programs for benefit of children while keeping in view the problems and challenges which are being faced by them like child labor malnutrition and lack of educational facilities as they are the budding talent of our country. Child welfare means that services are catered in order to create a safe, sound and peaceful environment for the children to sustain and grow.


Around 20 million children are working as a labor in our country in a hazardous conditions like firework industry ,pottery industry and glass industry where they work in dingy conditions ,lack of ventilation  which would ultimately ruin their health in their initial years itself, which would put the future of our country in danger .Touched by this growing menace in our society our founder, Ms. Rashi Anand took a step towards the betterment of the society because of her philanthropist approach .With this mindset she introduced “Lakshyam”. An organization dedicated towards street slum under-privileged children and women.

At Lakshyam initiatives in the name of these programs have been taken to improve the current situation of the have-nots section of the society, namely “Butterfly-child welfare program “,” Lakshyam – Toy library “and “Lakshyam – Rooh Awakening Women’s Soul”.

The aim of ” Butterfly – child welfare and education “ program the aim is to provide holistic development of each and every child which would ultimately help the child to achieve success in life .With this intention around 620 children are imparted education at lakshyam remedial education centers. Another program developed by Lakshyam is “Toy Library”. The Program is the heart and soul of the organization As Lakshyam believes toys are the first thing with child play and interact they also help a child to explore the worlds around them and make sense of the worlds around them. In our country women have never been treated at par so in order to break this widening gap Lakshyam has initiated with a program named “Rooh” – Awakening women’s soul. Literally transforming the word Rooh means “Soul”. In this program professional training is being given to women as they come from different sections of the society so that they build a better niche in life for themselves. Under the program women are provided with skill training and financial training workshops. Thereby giving them a sense of freedom and independence.

Today Lakshyam is spread across various Indian states working enormously on the cause of women and child development, touching hundreds of thousands of lives each day.

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