Child welfare Programs in India

Welfare means to expand the field of humanity. In simple terms welfare is an act of giving or catering to the needs of disadvantaged groups of the society. Welfare as an activity is a very old phenomenon, with times and changing needs of the society has evolved. India is a welfare state looking into the needs of women, children, in order to provide them with holistic development. In this regard, NGOs have over the years, Child welfare is the way toward shielding youngsters from misuse and disregard. A thorough youngster welfare framework for the most part has different segments and may include various social help organizations cooperating in a network to give a well being net to powerless kids. The extension and nature of child welfare programs differs a lot starting with one community then onto the next.

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Child welfare programs in India look over a differing scope of mandatory giving’s like protection, education and professional direction important to expel the most common recognized obstructions children experience in their life. Improving water and sanitation, providing social security from all sorts of misuse, abuse and disregard. Ensuring kid cooperation and decision in issues and choice influencing their lives. The prime goal of the all the child welfare program s in India is to establish framework for appropriate mental, physical also, social advancement of the kid, improve well being and dietary status of kids underneath six years of age. In spite of the fact that known to be India’s Industrial Capital, Delhi is additionally home to an expected 3.9 million individuals living in ghettos. These incorporate displaced people from different all walks of life who move to Delhi in search for work and employment. Consequently, Lakshyam has approached these groups of people,

Lakshyam was established in the year 2012 by a youthful social entrepreneur, Ms. Rashi Anand who further united gathering to contribute towards improvement of the general public with an emphasis on kid instruction .For child welfare programs Lakshyam took the initiative towards welfare of street slum children who are otherwise involved in the profession of begging, rag picking etc and putting them into schools. For them lakshyam have launched a successful project known as “butterfly project”.

It is a child welfare and Education program which is established to provide a detailed assistance to street children. It has a learning program aimed at providing textual and practical knowledge along with overall personality development of a child. The Butterfly program unveils at three levels- Bridge Education, Enrollment and Remedial Education. The first level i.e. bridge education involves identifying children with no or low educational background post which they are enrolled within a formal school or under NIOS board for the EWS. The Remedial education, which is the third level, further cultivates their personality by giving them assistance with studies and providing an opportunity to enjoy extra-curricular activities.

Hence Lakshyam immensely invested in child welfare program by providing them education and other facilities to these underprivileged children. Henceforth, leading to overall and holistic development of the ki.

Women Entrepreneurs in India

An entrepreneur is somebody who exercises by sorting out a dare to accept advantage of an open door and, as the chief, chooses what, how, and the amount of a decent or administration will be created. An entrepreneur supplies chance capital as a daring individual, and screens and controls the business exercises. The business person is normally a sole owner, an accomplice, or the person who claims most of offers in a consolidated endeavor.


Women entrepreneur in India are on an individual level, a few ladies have solid enterprising aspirations in India on an institutional level, the legislature has propelled a few plans to increase the enterprising inspirations of women and there is progressively perceptible political will to enable them. Be that as it may, looking past high individual and political desires and examining the measurements of what number of ladies really possess organizations shows a somewhat calming equalization. The low paces of ladies business enterprise are reflected in a troubling score in the Index of Women Entrepreneurs, where India is positioned 52nd out of the 57 overviewed nations. The way that couple of women possess organizations is a piece of a bigger wonder of feeble commitment of ladies in business. This further identifies with a low female work power investment rate just as ladies having less chances to become business pioneers, experts and specialized workers. Indeed, notwithstanding high financial development rates just as an expansion in the extent of working-age ladies in the populace, the support in the work power has diminished from 35 percent in 2005 to only 26 percent in 2018. According to a World Bank Enterprise Survey, the level of ladies in administration positions in 2014 was as low as nine percent.

Ms. Raashi Anand is the founder of Lakshyam and she is social entrepreneur who works for the betterment of the society especially for the women and children. Lakshyam was established in the year 2012 by a youthful social entrepreneur who further united to gather groups together which have come forward to contribute towards improvement of the general public with an emphasis on kid instruction and providing employment to poor women. Under its flagship Lakshyam has three successful projects ongoing i.e. Lakshyam Butterfly – Child Education and Welfare which caters to the needs of the children, their education and holistic development. Lakshyam Rooh – Awakening Women Soul is a women centric program which works to uplift women by giving them skill and financial literacy program workshop which in turn gives them a sense of freedom. Lakshyam Toy Library, lakshyam believes that every child has a right to lay with toys, with this motive in mind Lakshyam operates across numerous Indian States and has come forward to establish Toy Libraries.

Hence there are many successful women entrepreneur in India who are doing better in the society. Basically solving the big issues out there in the society. Surely, we women can dream and work to make those dreams turn into reality. But Raashi has not only made her dream come true but that of those hundreds and thousand of women and children who are everyday been benefitted and are living a better life.

Volunteering Program in India Of Lakshyam

Volunteerism is often considered a selfless activity in which individuals or groups do not provide financial or social benefits for the purpose of no benefit to others, groups or organization. Volunteerism is also known for its skills development and is often designed to promote goodness or improve the quality of human life.

Despite rapid economic growth, a large proportion of India’s population is still in poverty and needs basic human needs. 70% of the population still does not have access to housing and clean water. It is estimated that there are six doctors per 10,000 people, and the Indian people continue to face serious public health challenges everyday women’s rights, education, etc. More and more forms of volunteering among young people (especially sophomores and graduates) are in the communities of developing countries, working with local organizations. Activities include teaching English, working in orphanages, protecting, assisting NGOs and medical work. International volunteering is often designed to provide participants with valuable skills and knowledge, as well as benefits to host communities and organizations

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Volunteer work includes teaching programs, after-school programs and summer camps, empowerment of women, childcare programs, and refurbishment of local institutions.

Ms. Rashi Anand is the founder of Lakshyam, a social entrepreneur dedicated to improving society. Despite being, in fact, the industrial capital of India, Delhi still has 3.9 million people living in Jewish quarters. These people gathered displaced people from different neighboring countries, just like the large number of Indians who moved to Delhi to find work and employment. Therefore, Lakshyam has sought help from the rest of the world and is seeking to make India and the world a place to gain a foothold. Lakshyam was founded in 2012 by a young social entrepreneur who further purchased a group of people with similar interests in social development to improve his life in three countries and seventeen states and 30,000 people.

Since Lakshyam is providing social benefits to people in different regions, they provide children’s educational facilities to privileged children and provide facilities for women to empower women.

Lakshyam is also providing some of the Volunteering programs such as Media and communication, Performing Art, Academics, Indoors and Outdoors sports, Data management research, Social Internship, Building, and Construction.

Our volunteer program in India supports childcare and education. You can help orphanages, schools, and small communities through our Registered Charity Trust / NGO Volunteer Service to get better parenting and improve education as a responsible visitor in India. Our voluntary organizations seek to support people directly through volunteer programs, thereby providing them with new life and a new future to maximize their impact. We invite you to contribute your time, skills and financial resources to support our social development program.

Social Entrepreneurship

Nowadays the concept of entrepreneurship is very popular in the worldwide. Entrepreneurship means framing the new business or commercial enterprises, which increase the employability in the economy with a large capacity of growth.

With the help of entrepreneurship now people tend to move to social entrepreneurship which means that individuals from various backgrounds come together to fight against the natural difficulties. This helps in creating responsibility towards society. Lakshyam was established in the year 2012 by a youthful social entrepreneur who further united gathering to contribute towards the improvement of the general public with attention on youngster training, all-encompassing child advancement and women strengthening.

Among numerous youthful business visionaries in India, Raashi Anand Founder, Lakshyam NGO is one of the young ladies changing the world, who has been granted the “Social Entrepreneur of India” by Entrepreneur India Summit 2013, one of the greatest business visionary shows on the planet, she has increased her competitions and grants from that point onward. Lakshyam in 2012, an association which has pledged to put a conclusion to the far-reaching infringement of individuals’ basic rights, particularly of ladies and road kids crosswise over India. “While attempting to give a genuine increased the value of missions contrasted with the other social new companies in India, they profoundly intend to engage through training and work by actualizing models of improvement that are customized to the necessities of the networks and are feasible and replicable.


Lakshyam has done some making the documentary movie “Lal Seeb” screened in PVR cinemas or multiple fundraising events like “Fashion for cause” involving some popular celebrities like Salman Khan, Anupam Kher, Boman Irani, Priyanka Chopra who has supported the cause of lakshyam over the years.

Social Entrepreneurship is a widely inclusive classification, utilized for portraying the way toward, realizing social change on a noteworthy and effective scale contrasted with a customary Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). It is an undeniably significant idea in the investigation of willful, non-benefit and not-for – benefit associations. Prior, associations tending to key social issues were thought to be optimistic, charitable with innovative aptitudes. Social Entrepreneurship in India is rising basically on the grounds that the administration is enthused about its advancement, not really by financing it or by prompting on it however by empowering it. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of the private division with plainly reserved assets and undeniable activity groups have assumed a significant job in tidying up the picture of Social Entrepreneurship. The focal point of the paper is to ponder the developing patterns of Social Entrepreneurship in India and the new activities taken by different Social Entrepreneurs. It likewise gives a concise thought of various Theories of Social Entrepreneurship. Endeavors are made to give data and an exploratory examination, identified with the help exercises of Social Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurial endeavors in India. This might be advantageous in future exact investigations of the subject.

Volunteer Work and Program in India

Volunteering means giving your time to a cause. It allows a person to work directly for something he/she is passionate about. It can help you improve lives in your community and, sometimes, reshape the environment itself. It is unpaid work for a charitable organization.

Volunteer in India with Volunteering program to look over a differing scope of important and reasonable volunteering opportunities including Teaching English, Childcare, Disabled Care, Short Term Volunteering, Women Empowerment, Dental Elective, and Medical Mission Trips. The understudies who are pursuing their medical after examinations they can join the Medical and Dental Internships and get direct work understanding while at the same time shadowing the experts. Every single volunteer program is situated in Delhi and Palampur Pin India from 1 to 168 days. College, high school or gap year students can volunteer and take part in the project and those who have their summer Volunteer program can travel the country for Two-week special social volunteer project.

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Ms. Raashi Anand is the founder of Lakshyam and she is a social entrepreneur who works for the betterment of society. In spite of the fact that known to be India’s Industrial Capital, Delhi is additionally home to an expected 3.9 million individuals living in ghettos. These incorporate displaced people from different neighboring nations, just as a large number of Indians who moved to Delhi looking for work and employment. Consequently, Lakshyam has approached in request to the remainder of the world, for their help, and endeavors in making India, and the world, a progressively tenable spot.

For volunteer work, lakshyam took the initiative towards the welfare of society. Lakshyam was established in the year 2012 by a youthful social entrepreneur who further united gathering to contribute towards the improvement of the general public with an emphasis on kid instruction, all-encompassing tyke advancement and ladies strengthening. They are presenting a volunteering program where willing volunteers can work at Lakshyam’s inside spread crosswise over 5 areas crosswise over India. They offer a wide assortment of work that gifted or incompetent up-and-comers can do. Lakshyam has casually received three ghettos in Delhi and NCR, trailed by Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh) and Ranchi (Jharkhand) in semi provincial regions where medicinal training just as social insurance and expectations for everyday comforts are dealt with. Furthermore, Lakshyam effectively works in 5 unique areas everywhere throughout the nation from which volunteers can work at. Their one of a kind selling cost is the guarantee of an all-encompassing knowledge through connection with Tribal people group and scroungers; it includes living between them, living their distresses and a profound understanding into their lives. They want to work for economic, political, social communities for their holistic and better advancement and implementing specific models, cost-effective models for the development of the community. It leads to increase in the growth of society and the growth of the economy as well.

Volunteer Programs in lakshyam are Indoor and outdoor sports, Academic, building and construction, Media and communication, Performing arts, Administrative work, and business development, social entrepreneurship, Data management, and research.

Young Social Entrepreneurs In India, Top Social Entrepreneurs In India

An entrepreneur is a person with an innovative idea, capacity to build a business, and manage to bear in mind the risk factors in order to make a profit. Simply, an entrepreneur is not someone with just a vision or idea but implementing those ideas into practical reality. When the term social and entrepreneur comes to both blends to identify and solve the social problems. Thus, identifying society’s problems. Social entrepreneurship is an organization which uses methods of corporate business into solving social problems with a unique and unconventional approach. In the present world, social entrepreneurship has come forward to change the lives of many individuals. They are active in fields of education, health, sanitation among other areas.

A number of Young Social Entrepreneurs in India have come up with an aim to save the lives of under-privileged strata of society and to provide those population which inadequate resources. One such name in the field of social entrepreneurship making significant changes is of Rashi Anand. She has made a notable influence in the field since her young age. A young Rashi after completing her higher education followed to the metropolitan city of Delhi to study Bachelors in History (Hons) from Delhi University. Originally, belonging from Ranchi, Jharkhand. A bright young girl Rashi Anand started working with various organization in order to make a difference and contribute towards society. She was always inclined towards working for street children in order to uplift them provide them with basic education and especially bestowed them with toys. Originally, NGO Lakshyam was started by Poonam Anand in 2005, mother of Rashi Anand and an active social worker from Ranchi, Jharkhand. Rashi had the vision, aim, and objective in mind in association with her mother in 2012 she started her own NGO Lakshyam.

Rashi Anand

Literally transforming the word Lakshyam means ‘Aim’, thereby signifying the goals of lakshyam which was founded with the aim to empower women and underprivileged children. The NGO basically works to provide basic education to street children and to provide those disadvantaged and less fortunate ones with a platform to develop and shine brighter. The ideology behind starting lakshyam was simple to shower each child with love, to sustain their childhood innocence, to empower each woman out there. Rashi realized the capabilities of these street children and sought to support them both financially and morally.

Today, lakshyam has a presence across Indian states like Jharkhand, Delhi, Bangalore, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Uttarakhand, also caters the needs of more than thirty thousand lives which have been given a positive direction, and there is active of toy libraries running across nineteen Indian states. Successful and prosperous programs like Lakshyam Butterfly – Child Welfare Program, Lakshyam Rooh – Awakening Women’s Soul, Project Arogya – Healthcare For All. Lakshyam successfully runs 2 centers one in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, and Vasant Kunj, both these centers host more than two hundred children providing them with education, teaching them subjects like Hindi, Maths, Drawing, General Knowledge, English under its Butterfly program. Apart from academic teaching, a number of other activities, events, and workshops are conducted at the centers. Women under its Rooh program are provided with financial support where they are given a platform to work, and skills training programs are held. Under the Arogya program wherein generic medicines are efficiently provided across many villages of Delhi- NCR.

In a country like ours, people have little to no awareness, child rights are exploited, the massive number of population is still living under poverty. Under such circumstances, Rashi, surely transformed her dream, vision into a positive direction making impacts on the lives of many. Further, she wishes to see every child enjoying their childhood, playing

How to Choose a Volunteer Program in India and Abroad?

While travelling abroad is one of the most fulfilling ways of gaining knowledge and discovering new things, one approach to make your travel even more meaningful is to apply for a volunteer program in one of the country you’re visiting, as it allows you to share your passion and your energy with the local populations and can lead to great experiences.


You should however not jump into this without thinking things out. In order to be really effective and truly help the organization you wish to work with, you have to make sure that you really have an interest in the local culture, in the mission you will be working on and feel confident about the things that you will be doing. It is important to conduct extensive research about the different projects that you are considering and not engage in such activities before you are a 100% willing to do so.

The first thing you can ask yourself is how can I contribute. Do I want to help financially because my resources allow me to do it? Or would I rather get personally involved and apply for a real internship? At Lakshyam, you have the opportunity to volunteer and participate actively in the missions of the organization, and the team is always eager to welcome passionate and dedicated volunteers.

If you decide to do that, you can afterwards ask yourself what is the issue that you feel the most concerned about. If you are more concerned about education, you can apply for a program dedicated to child welfare and participate by teaching children your skills if you have some valuable ones, or simply take care of them and set up activities. If you are more concerned about health issues, you can focus on another program that will tackle these questions. Lakshyam offers a wide range of different tasks for volunteers that can go from communication activities to organizing sports events, teaching children or participating in the construction of new facilities for example… You can choose the program and the tasks that interest you the most and that will make you the more confident.

When applying for this program, there are some things that you should keep in mind. It is important to know the context of the place you are going to and meet some requirements. First of all, volunteers should be at least 18 years of age. They should also acquire some knowledge about Indian culture and the social norms so that they behave appropriately while on the field. The conditions of work and the surroundings should also be taken into account, as the volunteers will have to confront some situations that will be new to them. A background check on the slums might be preferable to have an idea of what to expect. Finally, learning a bit of Hindi could also be a good idea to be able to connect more easily with the local populations and have a privileged contact with them.

When your choice is made, prepare yourself for a strong and meaningful experience. Lakshyam will endeavor to make your volunteer program in India as versatile as possible so that you have a complete and diverse experience with us !