Volunteer Work In India, Volunteer Programs In India

A volunteer is a person who is willingly to work and gives his time, energy to contribute to the greater good of others. The term ‘Volunteer’ is derived from French word ‘Volontaire’, which means “one who volunteer”. In the earlier times it meant to serve the country willingly in times of war. With the changing times the term has also evolved to mean and volunteer for the society.

volunteer programs

Volunteer work, Volunteer programs in India have been going on right from the times of ancient era, and there are evident examples of some famous freedom fighters who at that time worked for women issues like sati practice, widow re-marriage, abolition of child marriage, girls education amongst other issues. The Indian society since independence have undergone tremendous changes and so the domain of volunteer work has also shifted its focus from these issues to issues like child education, empowering women by providing them opportunities to enhance their talent, environment, health and etc.

Lakshyam is an NGO, founded in 2012 by a young social entrepreneur Ms Rashi Aanand, with a motto to provide women empowerment and holistic development of children. Today Lakshyam is spread across seventeen Indian States and has reached three countries and many have been benefitted from its vision. However, all this wouldn’t have been possible without its troops of volunteer who come forward to help and garner Lakshyam vision to reality. Volunteers under Lakshyam can choose to volunteer in its program i.e. Lakshyam Butterfly – Child Education and Welfare program which works toward child development from their education, personal hygiene, to their extra-curricular activities. Volunteers can choose from an array of activity areas like media and communications, performing arts, academics, indoor and outdoor activities, data management and research, administrative work and business development, social entrepreneurship, building and construction. Volunteer under Lakshyam come from different walks of life like from the field of MBA, social work, house makers, architect, and data analysis. So, for this purpose Lakshyam gives a range of activity from which they can choose and work, associate themselves with good deeds. Like for instance, a MBA student can help and contribute toward making of an excellent business strategy or help make improvement in the earlier ones or a teacher can volunteer to teach lakshyam kids at the centre where they can choose from a range of subjects like Hindi, Maths, English, General Studies, Social Studies, Computer.

The requirements to join as a volunteer in Lakshyam are meagre like the minimum age of volunteer should start from 16 or 18 years, since some tasks require volunteers to be minimum 18 years of age. If, 18 years age must possess a authorize government ID, should be able to communicate freely in English as well as Hindi. The conditions Lakshyam works in are really poor so, expects volunteers to possess a tolerance level towards poor, unhealthy conditions and unhealthy slum surroundings. The volunteer must commit for three to four months of volunteer term.

Over the years of Lakshyam existence it has grown and evolved into an organisation and come forward to touch many lives. All this wouldn’t have been possible without the support and contributions of volunteers who turn up to lakshyam and through Lakshyam help the under-privileged and under-resourced community.

NGO in Delhi for Children

“Children are the face of our future”. We have heard this a lot of times. Yet, we have never really taken a step towards accepting this fact because people are busy making their own lives better, or getting richer, but never ever think about extending a helping hand to the children in need, who sleep each night empty stomach and grow up with an unlively childhood . Lakshyam is an NGO in Delhi for children working hard relentlessly day and night to uplift such underprivileged children and to ensure a better future for them and the society. Poverty is a major issue which Delhi, the capital city of India, is still facing.


People often migrate to Delhi from different states in India, in search of jobs, opportunities, a better living and, end up getting caught in the vicious circle of poverty, apathy, greed, and exploitation, forming an endless spiral. These people struck by poverty, unaware of their rights, exposed to harsh environments feel helpless and face the horrors of inadequacy. Poverty strips these children off their childhood and the right to a nurturing environment. The goal of lakshyam is to improve the quality of life of the socio-economically disadvantaged children, by assessing various innovative techniques and by summoning unique ideas and developmental strategies. It works to empower and enhance the lives of these children by providing them with remedial education, a holistic environment and equal opportunities for them to showcase and hone their abilities and talents. Lakshyam is currently working in 11 states and 13 centres in India to uplift the children in need and to transform their lives. In Delhi NCR, Lakshyam has two main centres, one being the JJ Bandhu Camp in Vasant Kunj and the other being a rag picker community in Sahibabad, Lal Kuan, Ghaziabad.

The children in the slum area adopted by Lakshyam (JJ Bandhu Camp) have been attending Government schools, mainly due to free of cost facilities and mid-day meals that they receive there. According to the data, in spite of the fact that all children go to school, only 25% of them finish the 12th grade and later go to open college, where they have classes once or twice a week. Other 75% stop their education early on to start working. Mostly, the children here roamed idly in & around the slum area with no extracurricular activities to indulge in. After the establishment of Lakshyam’s Remedial Education Center, there has been increase in the enrolment of children in Government schools and rise in their attendance. Classes at Lakshyam, post school have helped the children understand what they are being taught, in a better way. The Lakshyam center with its holistic environment has helped these children build their personalities and confidence. A lot of children from senior secondary school have now started attending tuition classes at the centre for better learning and performance in the board examinations.


The other community undertaken by Lakshyam includes the ragpicker families inhabiting an area of land near a building site in Sahibabad, Ghaziabad. These families live in deplorable conditions with no proper access to sanitation or electricity. Most children here start accompanying the older adults of the family for rag-picking in the hope of extra earning at an early age. The adults are mostly illiterate and it is just about time when children of these families, follow the path of their parents and become rag-pickers. But, Lakshyam, by setting up a free of cost remedial school in this area that atleast introduces the children to education and their rights has helped change their fates.

Lakshyam is an NGO in Delhi for children that not only aims at education but also their need for a better and more nurturing environment. Lakshyam understands the inherent needs of the children, especially the need of companions like a toy or a book that help a child grow better and understand the value of friendship, love and respect. Therefore with the help of various schools, it has set up a Toy Library comprising of various books and toys for these children. The people at Lakshyam and these underprivileged children work like a family and strive each day to make a difference, to make the world more liveable and to make people understand the needs of these children who’d be the face of our future.