Donate for Mud School for Lakshyam Street Kids


Lakshaym NGo Event in Delhi

With the motto of Hands to Hearts, Lakshyam works to safeguard and uplift children of not so privileged sections of the society. One of such is Vasant Kunj’s Sindhi Basti where 11 months ago Lakshyam NGO had set-up its school and camp for the betterment of children and people living in that area. From education to empowerment, Lakshyam has supported them all and tried its level best to improve their living. With this particular initiative, Lakshyam envisions to provide them with a school which will not stop them from learning and developing their inner skills in any circumstances.

This area is inhabited by around 100 families and approx 300 children who are seen begging or selling toys or performing on tarffic signals or are ragpickers.

The vision and idea is to bring these children out of these professions and provide them the basic education and amenities for their better future.

The need for a shelter:

  1. We are unable to function in that area due to no permanent structure in the vicinity to carry out activities. We started with our set up under the tree to a tent to a bamboo room.
  2. Currently, the bamboo shelter which is there is unable to withstand vagaries of nature such as strong rains, winds etc.
  3. For us to become a true engine of change, we need a reliable structure where they can carry out activities such as medical camps, remedial education for kids, vocational lessons for women, etc.

To see the video of the Basti visit:

We are grateful and delighted to collaborate with Ms. Shagun Singh, from Geeli Mitti Foundation, who would be teaching and helping to build the Lakshyam Centre with Earthbag technique.

This technique focusses on low cost, durable, energy efficient, environmentally friendly structures using recycled materials.
Earthbag structures are extremely strong and can withstand earthquakes, fire, floods, bullets…
Being a natural building using mud as the main building material, the school we are building will have thermal mass to remain comfortable through the sweltering Delhi summer heat, the humid monsoon and bitter cold of winter.

This will be a single room classroom in the middle of the slum. An oval shaped structure with a sloping roof.


Founded by co-trustees, Shagun Singh and Osho Kalia,
Geeli Mitti Foundation spearheads projects and causes in the domain of Environment, Sustainability, Women Empowerment, Health and Skill Development for Jail Inmates, Women and Children.

Our core projects live right now include:

  1. The ‘Say No to Polythene and Yes to Cloth Bag’ campaign recognised by the Haryana Govt. in its list of achievements of 50 years for its impact in both substituting Polythene and providing skills and financial support to Jail Inmates and Women in slums.
  2. Under our work on Women Empowerment, we work with the Police across different cities and States to impart self defense training to school and college girls, especially in rural hinterlands surrounding the metros.
  3. We have adopted three remote villages in Uttrakhand and are working to make them self-sufficient eco-communities with organic farming, waste management, natural housing along with set up plan of a health centre, libraries, education support, upskilling trainings for women and a computer centre.

The Foundation also helps to market the produce from our SHGs and organic farmers.


1. You can volunteer and join the workshop to learn to build with Earthbags and contribute to the cause at the same time.

10-day workshop covering:
– Natural buildings and its advantages
– Foundation and Plinth
– Earthbag walls, diddling, pattern, wire laying, tamping techniques
– Opening, doors and windows affixing
– Electrical and plumbing provisions

Workshop fee – Rs.5000
You can also pay the entire or part of course fee by way of donating some of the materials that we need.


Note – Please carry your own bottle of water and food/snacks.

2. Donate the materials or contribute money to the fund for purchase/sourcing of our building materials and labour.

List of Materials for donation:
1. Gravel for foundation
2. Tarpaulins for shade and cover. Strong ropes
3. Wood for doors/windows/roof frames. Also readymade/old doors and windows that can be reused
4. Large cardboard rolls or boxes for roof insulation
5. Clay soil / laal mitti / potters soil for plastering
6. Barbed wire
7. Iron rebars and angles
8. Tools – shovels, tampers, strip anchors, mud sievers
9. Tin sheets/panels for roof

Raashi Anand – 9540690002


NGO in India for children education

Lakshyam is an NGO in India for children education. It also caters to the needs of young disadvantaged women and help them towards reaching their future goals and needs. Lakshyam has already built a steady unwavering base in the country by positively influencing the lives of more than 40000 children spread across over 17 states. The amount of hard work and effort which Lakshyam has sincerely put in, is maintained equally across various regions. It aims to enhance the lives of more and more children and women every single day.

The reputed NGO in India for children education recently launched a welfare program for children known as “Butterfly- Child Welfare and Education”. Butterfly was established for providing education not merely with books and texts but also with a better understanding of human nature, behaviour, personality, life and existence, psychology etc. which could help in a well-rounded development of the children. This ‘holistic’ approach inflates the children’s ability to think and imagine. These two aspects, without doubt are the most important for mental growth of children. The logo of the Butterfly exemplifies ‘Freedom’. Each and every child has the right to live freely and not be bound by the chains of evil like child-labour. They have the right to education and right to freedom. Butterfly has managed to spread the awareness and it is about time when it reaches more and more children in the world.


Lakshyam provides the platform for teaching English, Hindi, Mathematics and Computer Science to the children. Children who find it difficult to deal with the basic subjects like English in private or government institutions have access to free tutorials as well. In addition to the teachers who already work there, Lakshyam has also provided the scope of teaching, to volunteers from various regions of the country. Many of these volunteers are an eclectic mix of graduates of subjects like Economics, Psychology, Mathematics etc. It is a fact that every such individual has his or her own way of teaching, which helps in a more uniform and diverse growth and development of a child, and thus making him or her, free from a specific constraint of thought and imagination. With the aspect of “freedom” in its core, Lakshyam also takes into consideration the importance of entertainment. It gives the children, an opportunity to showcase their talents in music, art, dance and other activities. Health and sanitation are of utmost importance and the NGO takes care of this too.

A rather more unique approach for welfare and happiness of the children emanated when Lakshyam established many toy libraries across Delhi. Toys are the most important materialistic goods in a child’s life. Children express their feelings and thoughts through toys. These toy libraries have an assemblage of toys and story books which were collected in toy boxes, set up in various schools. This child welfare program has three centres in India today namely – Ghaziabad, Kurukshetra and Vasant Kunj. The greatest challenge of Lakshyam was when they ventured into helping the rag pickers community in Ghaziabad, which is the newest centre. Despite the difficulties, Lakshyam has managed to change the lives of many of these children who might have shared the fate of their parents. Remedial schools have been set up which provide basic education on English, Hindi, Mathematics, Sanitation, Hygiene and general awareness. The creative mind-set of the children endows them the ability to make paper quilling jewellery, dolls etc. which are sold in the market, which in return help them to raise funds for themselves. Lakshyam has so far been successful in transmuting the insipid lives of many children and would continue to do so till the world becomes a better place to live in.

NGO for Children in Delhi

“There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven millions.”

It is very rightly said that children are the most precious gifts given to us by god and we need to care for them. The above quote describes that children don’t have any knowledge about the world but there eyes have millions of dreams. Many of these dreams are left incomplete as many kids due to their family conditions or their exploitation by the society are not able to have a blissful life. In our daily life we come across so many child related issues like child labor, child exploitation, abduction, child trafficking etc. which are increasing at a fast rate and deteriorating our country. The reason is most of the times the inability of the parents due their economic conditions. Most of these cases are generally found in the capital of our country i.e. Delhi where children are made to beg on the roads, do household works and even work in the factories leaving their childhood and education neglected.

Concerning the utmost urge to do something and for the amelioration of this condition of children, many NGO’s for children in Delhi have been established working and serving for the cause. These organizations work for many child related issues like for education, nutrition, health services, and for child rights etc. Some of these NGO’s are like ‘Save The Children’ working for equal rights and nutrition of children; ‘Smile foundation’ working for children health and education; ‘CRY’ working for child rights and many more. One of these NGO’s in Delhi for children is ‘Lakshyam’ working for the education of the underprivileged children whose families are not able to provide them education in the very renowned private schools by opening ‘Lakshyam School’ at various centers.


The Lakshyam NGO was started by Mrs. Rashi Anand, to improve the social structure of the society and help the kids to have a privileged future working through its child welfare programme ‘BUTTERFLY’ and ‘LAKSHYAM TOY LIBRARY’. In Delhi, there are 2 centers of the organization i.e. in Vasant Kunj and Ghaziabad. Many campaigns and workshops have been organized by the NGO for the welfare of the children and promoting child education in the country. Lakshyam is working very hard since its inception and have achieved many awards for its great work for the cause. The children are treated with love and care experiencing a secure school environment at the institution. Apart from studies, children are engrossed in various recreational activities like dance competitions, art and craft activities, field trips and excursions providing a joy while learning. The aim is not just to provide education to make the children literate but to cover all the aspects of their development which helps in making them earn a living which they dream for and become an efficient citizen of the country. The organization also works for women empowerment leading to their financial independence by them skilled by various activities held at the different centers.

Lakshyam has been an emerging name among the other organizations due to its sincere and true efforts in the sector and is working with the same spirit to exclude the word ‘underprivileged’ and transform our society into a new and brighter one.