NGO in India for children education

Lakshyam is an NGO in India for children education. It also caters to the needs of young disadvantaged women and help them towards reaching their future goals and needs. Lakshyam has already built a steady unwavering base in the country by positively influencing the lives of more than 40000 children spread across over 17 states. The amount of hard work and effort which Lakshyam has sincerely put in, is maintained equally across various regions. It aims to enhance the lives of more and more children and women every single day.

The reputed NGO in India for children education recently launched a welfare program for children known as “Butterfly- Child Welfare and Education”. Butterfly was established for providing education not merely with books and texts but also with a better understanding of human nature, behaviour, personality, life and existence, psychology etc. which could help in a well-rounded development of the children. This ‘holistic’ approach inflates the children’s ability to think and imagine. These two aspects, without doubt are the most important for mental growth of children. The logo of the Butterfly exemplifies ‘Freedom’. Each and every child has the right to live freely and not be bound by the chains of evil like child-labour. They have the right to education and right to freedom. Butterfly has managed to spread the awareness and it is about time when it reaches more and more children in the world.


Lakshyam provides the platform for teaching English, Hindi, Mathematics and Computer Science to the children. Children who find it difficult to deal with the basic subjects like English in private or government institutions have access to free tutorials as well. In addition to the teachers who already work there, Lakshyam has also provided the scope of teaching, to volunteers from various regions of the country. Many of these volunteers are an eclectic mix of graduates of subjects like Economics, Psychology, Mathematics etc. It is a fact that every such individual has his or her own way of teaching, which helps in a more uniform and diverse growth and development of a child, and thus making him or her, free from a specific constraint of thought and imagination. With the aspect of “freedom” in its core, Lakshyam also takes into consideration the importance of entertainment. It gives the children, an opportunity to showcase their talents in music, art, dance and other activities. Health and sanitation are of utmost importance and the NGO takes care of this too.

A rather more unique approach for welfare and happiness of the children emanated when Lakshyam established many toy libraries across Delhi. Toys are the most important materialistic goods in a child’s life. Children express their feelings and thoughts through toys. These toy libraries have an assemblage of toys and story books which were collected in toy boxes, set up in various schools. This child welfare program has three centres in India today namely – Ghaziabad, Kurukshetra and Vasant Kunj. The greatest challenge of Lakshyam was when they ventured into helping the rag pickers community in Ghaziabad, which is the newest centre. Despite the difficulties, Lakshyam has managed to change the lives of many of these children who might have shared the fate of their parents. Remedial schools have been set up which provide basic education on English, Hindi, Mathematics, Sanitation, Hygiene and general awareness. The creative mind-set of the children endows them the ability to make paper quilling jewellery, dolls etc. which are sold in the market, which in return help them to raise funds for themselves. Lakshyam has so far been successful in transmuting the insipid lives of many children and would continue to do so till the world becomes a better place to live in.

Lakshyam:Embarked Upon a Social Revolution

Established in 2004, Lakshyam is a social enterprise that uplifts children and women of at-risk communities through education, employment and resource mobilization.
‘Lakshyam Toy Library’ is one of the main programs of Lakshyam that distributes toys and books from the privileged children to the not-so-privileged ones. Toy Boxes are set up in several private schools in Delhi and each child donates a toy and/or book that are then delivered to the 13 tie-up Centers/NGOs across 11 states. Lakshyam Toy Library Centers have been opened in the rural districts of states like Delhi, Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Schools like Mother’s International School, Delhi Public School and Laxman Public School have carried out the collection drives of toys & books at their respective campuses.

Workshop_on_Health_and_Nutrition_AwarenessButterfly: Child Welfare and Education’ program has been designed, keeping in view the two integral building blocks of a healthy child, Development & Participation. The Remedial Education Center based at the Basti (slum) adopted by Lakshyam, JJ Basti in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi provides an education encompassing textual knowledge and personality development. The children have attended various workshops at venues like Oxford Bookstore, given dance performances at venues like Kingdom of Dreams and at colleges like Kamala Nehru College and DCAC. They recently visited RashtrapatiBhawan on the 14th of November ’14 and met the Hon’ble President of India as well.

The third main program of Lakshyam, ‘Rooh: Awakening Women’s Soul’ focuses on creating an environment conducive for women from the not-so-privileged communities. Theprogram imparts skill-building training and teaches the art of sewing, cutting, stitching and embroidery to women, thus creating opportunities for income enhancement. Focus is also on issues affecting the lives of women, like health & hygiene education, basic civic sense etc.Lakshyam’s product line of handmade products that are crafted and created by the women and adolescents are put up on various online portals, exhibitions and stalls at reputed venues like Bora Bora, Maruti Suzuki Fest and Jamia University Fest among others.

Besides the three main programs of Lakshyam, various health camps and community developmentactivitiesare carried out, in order to bring about long-lasting improvements in the compromised communities undertaken by Lakshyam, in urban and rural environments. Our next coming program is a two-fold initiative of recycling waste paper and producing free of cost notebooks for promoting education.

All the programs are supported by various corporates, colleges and schools along with several local and international volunteers & interns that make for an all-round team. The supporters from various walks of life have been contributing to the social revolution that Lakshyam has embarked upon with great fervour.

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